Innocent Man, Falsely Accused, Convicted And Slung In Houston County Jail

The release of authentic police documents, by Jon Carroll, whistleblower of the Henry County Report and previously confirmed by former Police Chief John White, indicated that law enforcement officers planting drugs and weapons on black males and the District Attorney then prosecuting these fraudulent charges, as well as the District Attorney covering up crimes committed by law enforcement officers. As a result, several other victims of the same types of crimes alleged in those documents have come forward to join the community’s stand against these injustices committed by law enforcement, lawyers, and judicial officers of the court.


The following statement is from a Gentleman that came forward to tell his story, the wrongs done, the legal misrepresentation, the punishment meted out, the brutal and inhumane conditions suffered whilst held in the Houston County Jail. We aim to build a comprehensive picture in the readers mind in order to give you a better insight as to what really happens once your within the Houston County judicial system.

Our hope is that what has transpired here in Dothan will help to bridge the divide, maybe people will now realise and accept that racism in all of its guises should never be allowed to succeed. Lets remind ourselves and especially those in public office that discrimination for reason of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, or religion in unacceptable, they know that its wrong and its thinly disguised as something other than what it really is.

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Time For Comprehensive Reform Of Inmate Phone Call Charges

“With the disproportionate number of people of color that are impoverished or living in states where one hour of the minimum wage could not cover the cost of one phone call to loved ones, we need to do all that we can to reform prison phone services.”#RightToConnect #PhoneJustice

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Houston County Jail Stops In Person Visits In Favor Of $540,000 In Phone And Video Visitation Charges

For several years Houston County Jail has made it increasingly difficult for those held in the jail to be visited by their loved ones all be it behind glass as the governors of the jail insisted on a maximum security, no physical contact policy. Now their motive has been revealed as the county commission has approved a contract with Legacy Inmate, negotiated in December 2014 to handle the jail’s phone system. The contract will allegedly create a guaranteed revenue of $540,000 over three years, of which the county will receive 90 percent. Legacy also agreed to provide inmate video communication systems at no additional cost to the county.

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Phone Calls From The Houston County Jail Are Via Global Tel*Link (GTL)

Inmate phone calls from the Houston County Jail are via Global Tel*Link (GTL) and cost $2.55 Per Connection Fee, $0.47.5 per minute with an additional service fee of $4.75 anytime you add money to an inmates phone account, plus taxes.

Houston County Jail Phone Calls Via Global Tel*Link
Houston County Jail Phone Calls Via Global Tel*Link

The calls frequently disconnect, however you are still charged the connection fee of $2.55 even if the call disconnected after one second!

Global Tel*Link’s staff refused to credit us for all of the dropped connections with a duration of a second or two. In an effort to resolve these issues and request that we be refunded, we contacted them and asked for our complaint to be escalated to the management team. We were completely unaware of the hidden connection fees per call.

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Testimony of Stacey Ross


Testimony of Stacey R. and her experience of Houston County Jail, Dothan AL
Testimony of Stacey Ross. and her experience of Houston County Jail, Dothan AL

I was picked up from Montgomery Womens Facility on Monday 12/22/14 at approximately 12.30 pm. My court date wasn’t until Tuesday 1/6/15 at 8.30 am. When i asked the transport officer, officer Hill, why i was being transported so early, he stated there would be no transport prior to my court date due to the holidays. As officer Hill was shackling me at the gate i asked him if Houston County was still as bad as the last time i was there and his exact response was “It’s probably worse”.

I was the only inmate on the van and officer Hill was the only officer. The handcuffs (I was also belly chained and had shackles on my feet) were extremely tight and uncomfortable. By the time we arrived at HCJ (about 2:30 pm) and the hand cuffs were removed, my wrists were swollen and bruised. I was taken straight into docket and was strip searched and put into an orange jumpsuit. I was then put into a cell for about 7 hours. I was taken out at about 9:30 pm and made to strip again. I was sprayed with some sort of “de-lousing” agent on my head and genital area.  Continue reading

Testimony Of Christine R.

Written testimony of Rosalind R. of her experiences whilst an inmate at Houston County Jail, Dothan AL
Written testimony of Rosalind R. of her experiences whilst an inmate at Houston County Jail, Dothan AL

2010 – I was indigent and had $20 placed on account. They took the entire amount then said I wasn’t qualified for indigent status. I received no toilet paper or sanitary napkins for over 3 weeks. I had to tear up a towel to use during my menstrual cycle and they threatened to write me up for destruction of county property.

The mental health doctor put me on 100 mg of Zoloft. My bladder quit working and I went days without peeing. I was finally taken to the medical center and told tge dosage of Zoloft should not have been so high and it was causing my bladder to contract.

2014 – The water is ice cold and the temperature in the dorm is freezing. I had to wash my hair in the sink because the water is too cold to get up under. It’s always like that. The floors are extremely slippery, one little wet spot and people fall. I myself have fallen several times and seen many others fall also. No cleaning supplies are given out to clean and sanitize the dorm.

Transcribed by admin, from written statement by Rosalind R.

Appalling Conditions In Houston County Jail

This blog was started in order to highlight the treatment of inmates whilst held in Houston County Jail Dothan, AL. Upon entering the Jail you may be subjected to the following conditions, we believe these to be unlawful, unconstitutional, inhumane and cruel and unusual punishments. Do they really expect us to stand by idly, thereby deeming this treatment of our citizens as acceptable?

  • Segregation/confinement for an indeterminate amount of time, used as a veiled threat or in retaliation for complaining about conditions or for being considered insubordinate or for even questioning officers about or requesting information
  • Showering/bathing conditions of female inmates in-particular in front of male officers through transparent curtains/cubicles, despite the Prison Rape Elimination Act’s standards for Prisons and Jails
  • Female inmates are physically checked by Jail Guards to prove that they are menstruating, before being issued sanitary towels or tampons. This degrading and inhumane treatment is in direct contradiction of PREA Laws
  • Fear and intimidation used as a method of control when enquiring about or trying to follow grievance procedures, especially for Alabama Department Of Corrections inmates
  • Forcibly made to have hair cuts, despite it being in compliance with ADOC rules and regulations

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