We are in no way affilliated with Houston County Jail or The Houston County Sheriffs Office in Dothan Alabama.

We believe in treating people in a constitutionally sound, humane and dignified manner, we believe in treating people with respect and common decency. The following passage was taken from The U.S . Department of Justice, National Institue of Corrections, Jails Standards and Inspections Program:

The jail setting and conditions are not meant to be punishment. 

The function of a jail is to safely and humanely hold inmates remanded to its custody by the courts. Some of these inmates have only been charged with a crime but not yet adjudicated. The jail holds these inmates to ensure their appearance in court and/or to protect the community until their next court appearance or until they are otherwise released (e.g., bail). For jail inmates who have been convicted of crimes, the punishment is isolation from society rather than the conditions of confinement. Holding inmates under inhumane conditions (i.e., cold, dark, dank cells) is inappropriate and illegal.

The conditions within Houston County Jail are frankly in our opinion, demeaning, abusive, degrading and dangerous for inmates Health and Wellbeing, both mentally and physically.

We believe that the conditions within the Jail are not in accordance with The Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA).

We would like to build an online record of YOUR EXPERIENCES and the conditions that you were subjected to as an inmate, the grievance procedures if any that were followed and any outcomes from any internal investigations.

We aim to expose the conditions that inmates are subjected to at Houston County Jail and bring those responsible to justice and to help improve conditions for those that are still held in that dreadful place.

Contact us and share how you were treated, rest assured that we will not reveal your identity if you are fearful of retaliation or in any way uncomfortable with having any personally identifiable information made public on our site.

It is joy to the righteous to do justice; But it is a destruction to the workers of iniquity.

Proverbs 21:15


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