Police Brutality From 2004

To whom it may concern : I, H.B (Identity withheld in fear of retaliation) is sending an complaint about the Dothan police department. The year of 2004 I was in Martin Homes apartments in Dothan, Alabama going to visit my aunt which I wasn’t banned to be in the projects… As I got to my aunt front porch I noticed a Dothan city cop car pulling up towards the sidewalk,  so the officer stopped and asked me to come him. So I asked what was the probable cause ?

Taser gun scars
Taser gun scars

But the officer never stated what it was he just asked for my i.d. card so I gave it to him as he take it to run my name in which I didn’t have any warrants but by me being convicted in my past everytime I’m stopped by an police official and once they run my name in the dispatcher always respond search him he’s known for carrying a large quantity of drugs.

But this day after my name had been run I see 8 more officers walk up with K-9 dogs so the officer started searching me and asking if I had drugs on me and where did I put and I told him I don’t have any drugs so he started grabbing my neck telling me to spit it out but I never did have any drugs , so the other officers charged me and slammed me face to the ground as I was being choked saying stop resisting which I wasn’t I was spitting out sliver, dirt, and grass just to show them I didn’t have anything and they were looking in different parts of the grass were I was spitting hoping I had something.

I was still being choked by that officer as he kept saying stop resisting which I wasn’t resisting and they started tasting me closely in my back and stomach  which left the burnt marks which shows in the photo as I was being brutally harmed by them you had people standing out there telling officers why are yall doing this to him he doesn’t do anything wrong over here so the officers was telling the people to get back before they be taken to jail. Well the got me up and placed me in handcuffs in put me in the patrol, they took me on Range St were the other patrol cars where they got me out the patrol car and begin stripping me buttnecked in broad daylight on a busy street after I told them I didn’t have anything,  so they took me to jail for resisting arrest plus they banned me from every projects in Dothan.

I have many experiences from the Dothan Police department and the Houston County Court system to were I know I wasn’t being treated fairly and I could share more from what I’ve been through with them. I am now on probation and it doesn’t end until 2029 which I’ve already served 13 yrs on my sentence that’s why I moved away from there because I feared about being harassed and trapped back in the system I know I  wasn’t a saint in the past but I do know that there is a corrupt system down there and something needs to be resolved. I’ll be looking forward to hearing back from this because I am a living victim of the corruption that’s going on. Have a blessed day!

Transcribed by admin from a statement by H.B (identity withheld for fear of retaliation)

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