A Desperate Prayer For Houston County Jail By A.W

To All Who Read This :

May God bless and keep you and yours, I write to ask for your prayers.

In Houston County, Alabama there is such blatant evil. Everything that i have ever read about Nazi Germany, goes on at Houston County Jail, and Houston County itself is a den of evil that rivals mobsters. I myself went through Houston County Jail in 2015.

The experience broke me down physically, mentally and even spiritually. I had to ask myself why God would allow such abuse to take place. Through the time out of there i’ve gotten stronger and i now have a richer relationship with God. I now realize that he allows things in our life to make us stronger and dependent on him alone, so that he can show his power and glory in our lives.

I’m not beaten, through God and the wonderful person he blessed me with as my husband, who is a mountain of love, encouragement and integrity, i am motivated to write. I do question why the situation in Houston County, the corruption, the racism, the abuse of power and the conditions in Houston County Jail have been left to degenerate into that state that its now revealed to be in. I have to question, why isn’t someone in office who CAN do something about it, doing something about it?

Or is it like it was in Nazi Germany, where people just say “Oh how dreadful” and then turn a blind eye?

But you know what? My God, the God i serve is bigger than Houston County and the people in power at the Houston County Jail. Prayer does change things and with faith, it can and will change this. God works through people, he can and does use anybody with a willing heart and to quote the Old Testament, he sometimes uses the unwilling too. Thats how great he is, so please pray with us.

Dear God,

We love you and thank you for your love, your grace and mercy. We thank you for watching over our family, friends and ourselves. Lord, your word says that as your children we can approach your throne of grace with confidence so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need (Hebrews 4:16). Lord, we come to you confident that you will hear and answer us. Lord you are powerful enough to remove evil from positions of power. Lord, humble your servants and have them turn to you.

Lord, Houston County and Houston County Jail, are like it was before your son Jesus came. They are a city and county of oppressors, rebellious and defiled. They obey no one, they accept no correction. They do not trust in you. Lord, they do not draw close to you, our God. The officials within are roaring lions, the rulers are evening wolves who leave nothing for morning (Zephaniah 3:1-3).

Lord, cleanse this place, send help from people you trust and that have a heart to do something. Lord, purify the lips of the people and place mercy in their hearts.

Help us Lord! Please come to the rescue of your children, all those you have made righteous through the blood of your son Jesus.

Fix our hearts Lord to ask for peace through the trials and be able to place our trust in the people that you put in power. Guide us Lord, to have hearts and thoughts pleasing to you.

Send help Lord, In Jesus’ precious and almighty name, Amen & Amen.




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