Innocent Man, Falsely Accused, Convicted And Slung In Houston County Jail

The release of authentic police documents, by Jon Carroll, whistleblower of the Henry County Report and previously confirmed by former Police Chief John White, indicated that law enforcement officers planting drugs and weapons on black males and the District Attorney then prosecuting these fraudulent charges, as well as the District Attorney covering up crimes committed by law enforcement officers. As a result, several other victims of the same types of crimes alleged in those documents have come forward to join the community’s stand against these injustices committed by law enforcement, lawyers, and judicial officers of the court.


The following statement is from a Gentleman that came forward to tell his story, the wrongs done, the legal misrepresentation, the punishment meted out, the brutal and inhumane conditions suffered whilst held in the Houston County Jail. We aim to build a comprehensive picture in the readers mind in order to give you a better insight as to what really happens once your within the Houston County judicial system.

Our hope is that what has transpired here in Dothan will help to bridge the divide, maybe people will now realise and accept that racism in all of its guises should never be allowed to succeed. Lets remind ourselves and especially those in public office that discrimination for reason of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, or religion in unacceptable, they know that its wrong and its thinly disguised as something other than what it really is.

Only the poor are openly discriminated against, shamed and ridiculed by the far right of our society, before nationwide audiences, and shamelessly by the press, without serious consequences to anyone doing so. Justice in Dothan, Alabama has too long now been dealt out according to how deep your pockets are, who you are connected to and who they know. There are many poor white folks sitting in prison and jail right now, because they were sold out by a public defender, a tyrannical district attorney that pushes for maximum charges and sentences in an effort to appear “tough on crime” to his electorate and campaign contributors and corruptible judges.

Judges play many roles. They are supposed to interpret the law, assess the evidence presented, and control how hearings and trials unfold in their courtrooms. Most important of all, judges are supposed to be impartial decision-makers in the pursuit of justice. I have seen the contrary with my own eyes in Houston County Courthouse.


What we simply cannot wrap our minds around is the outright hatred and lack of compassion, that these public officials hold for anyone outside of their social class. It reminds us of the dehumanisation of the Jews by the nazis which allowed them to commit genocide. And it doesn’t stop once you leave court. You then become a resource for the industrial prison complex, a pawn at the mercy of jail and prison guards, jail isn’t meant to be fun, but neither is it meant to violate constitutional rights or state and federal laws.

Keith Reed

Those in charge at the Houston County Jail such as Commander Keith Reed make your time there as unpleasant as possible, the temperature is kept constantly freezing cold, you have no sheet on your shared and un-sanitized mattress and one thin blanket, Alabama Department Of Corrections inmates attending court are taken from prison to jail many weeks in advance of court hearings, they are made to sit on cold steel or the concrete floor all day long, you will share a toilet between 20-30 inmates that will only flush twice every 60 minutes and is frequently full of blood, urine and faeces, females have to show blood in their under wear before they are issued sanitary pads, the restraint chair is used to conduct forced body cavity searches without the proper process being followed, you will be denied the right to wear your wedding band, timely medical care and physical exercise as well as being denied access to the law library and denied the use of equipment for those that are physically impaired,  you’ll be denied any religious materials and you’ll be subjected to mental and physical threats and abuse, living in fear and other forms of cruel and unusual punishment. This is how they treat citizens of their own community, in the United States in 2015 and its immoral and its illegal.

You can read the jail rules here for yourself. Failure to obey  any of that comprehensive list of “rules” and you’ll be subjected to one of Reed’s Kangaroo courts, which usually results in a loss of privileges for weeks, loss of visitation in some cases for years and an extended period in segregation.

Andy Hughes
Andy Hughes

Former Assistant Director for Homeland Security and former Sheriff at Houston County, Andy Hughes. 

It was under the command of Hughes and Reed that, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics on sexual abuse in jails, of the 286 jails that were surveyed in 2010, Houston County Jail ranked fourth with an estimated four percent of its inmate population being sexually victimised.

Now by this time, if you haven’t plead guilty just to get out of jail and be moved to a prison which has marginally better conditions, well then you’ll be moved to anyone of the many state penitentiaries where systemic indifference, discrimination and dangerous – even life-threatening – conditions are the norm,  where money is extorted from the families of inmates by way of telephone calls, inmate video visitation, canteen and commissary items priced many times over there free-world value.

Alabama’s prisons and jails are amongst the worst in the country and are dangerously over-crowded. Alabama’s Department Of Corrections has many lawsuits filed against it including from the Federal Government, the Southern Poverty Law Centre (SPLC) and Alabama Disabilities Advocacy Program (ADAP) and numerous private individuals. Houston County’s Judicial system helps to keep those prisons and jails fully stocked by denying fair trials, hearings and sentences, incidentally Houston County has the highest rate for death sentences, 17 for a population of 103,402 according to the 2012 U.S census.

The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing”

Edmund Burke

The Statement Of An Innocent Man

I was falsely convicted of possession of a controlled substance back in May of 1997 in Dothan, Alabama. I was arrested by the Dothan Narcotic Division calling themselves the “Posse”. Steve Parrish was the man overseeing this division. I’ve had encounters with Bobba Otts, Andy Hughes, and more members of this corrupt Narcotics Division.

My lawyer was a real joke. I was appointed a lawyer named Jake Blumenfield. I spoke with him for a few minutes before trial. All he told me was to not worry about anything and that I’d be going home that day. Once in front of judge Lawson Little, My so called lawyer did a complete 360, he stated that “he didn’t know what my problem was, and that I couldn’t leave those little white rocks (Crack Cocaine) alone,  and he thought I should be sent to prison”.

From there I was put in the old Houston County jail, 3rd floor north. Once in their I was attacked by a trustee and my nose was broken. My nose was broken on a Thursday night and I did not see a doctor until Wednesday of the following week. By then my nose had to be re-broken for the doctor to set it. There was drugs, money, alcohol and more in this old county jail of Dothan, Alabama. The conditions of the jail was so bad that I was looking forward to going to prison. But this wasn’t my last time having a run in with Dothan’s corrupt police departments. If I get any feedback. I’ll continue with my life story of dealing with Dothan, Alabama’s corrupt Judiciary System.

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