Testimony Of Inmate B66 And Her Experience Of Houston County Jail

I don’t think its right that us females have to show an officer that we are on our cycle on in order to receive sanitary pads.

The toilets only flush 2 X’s an hour and thats not good when its like 20 something inmates having to use it.

Testimony of inmate B66 and her experience of Houston County Jail
Testimony of inmate B66 and her experience of Houston County Jai

After we take a shower, i don’t think its right that on 3rd shift they come search us and make us undress then squat and flip our breasts.

Its not safe for us to sleep on bare mattresses due to them not being hygieneically cleaned in between use and we don’t have bed sheets anymore.

Its not right that they can cut our hair whenever they are ready, even when its collar length.

They keep the temperature at 50 to 60 degrees even during the winter when we only have one thin blanket and no bed sheets.

When two people go to lock down for arguing, they put everybody on lock down for 20 days.

You only get one small bottle of shampoo and they make you wait 2 weeks if you are indigent to receive another one. Its only enough for 2 showers and they give you only one roll of tissue and it can not last for anyone for 2 weeks.

They stopped serving 3 hot meals and now give us 2 sandwiches at night which is wrong, it should be the other way around.

When you get booked in, if you don’t have on white underwear they take them away and its not good to wear the uniform like that. Not only that, with no underwear on, you don’t have anything to hold your sanitary pad in place whilst your on your cycle.

They wake you up at 5:30 am and make you sit in the day area until 9:00 freezing on metal stools all day.

Transcribed and edited by admin

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