Testimony Of Inmate “P” And Her Experience Of Houston County Jail

I was left in a holding cell for 24hrs with no pads given to me after I told the guards I started my period. The next day my jumpsuit was covered in blood. Officer Morris came on shift and was shocked by the blood and shook her head when I told her I asked for pads but was not given any. She got me a clean jumpsuit and a few pads.

Then docket asked me “why did I do that?” like it was my fault that I started my period and my fault I was covered in blood even though I asked for pads the day before.

On another occasion I was woke up at 3am for no particular reason and told to strip naked and spread my legs by Officer Hughes. I felt violated and ashamed like I had been raped or something. She is the only guard in the whole jail that wakes people up in the middle of the night and makes them strip naked.

Transcribed by admin

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