My 3.5 Weeks In Houston County Jail by N. Robinson

The conditions at Houston County Jail are terrible.

I was in O pod for 3.5 weeks. The toilets leaked (all of them) and worms come out from under them. When we are rolled in from 2pm to 4pm we are not allowed to lay down. So we are up from 9:30am to 10pm. We have nothing to help occupy our time.

My 3.5 weeks in Houston County Jail by N. Robinson
My 3.5 weeks in Houston County Jail by N. Robinson

There is a library full of books but they won’t even let us read them. On commissary day (Thursday) the whole jail is locked down.For what reason i don’t know. Most of the officers are just rude and will not answer the questions we may have.

The food is often times cold by the time it is served to us. When we are first booked in, we are given an intake pack which consists of a little tooth brush, a little tube of tooth paste, 2 stamped envelopes, 4 pieces of paper and a roll of tissue. The roll of tissue is supposed to last us for 2 weeks (they give out tissue to the indigent every 2 weeks) If you need pads, they charge $6.50 for a pack of 12.


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