Statement of Inmate “V” Identity withheld due to legal reasons

To whom it may concern.

My name is ********** in Alabama Department Of Corrections (ADOC) and Houston County Jail (HCJ). This statement is to make people aware of the inhumane conditions at Houston County Jail as well as the abuse, fear induced policies and sexual misconduct at HCJ.

Statement of inmate
Statement of inmate “V” Identity withheld for legal reasons

I had a court date for ********** that my attorney ********** put in a motion for continuance for, as well as to remain in ADOC custody until said court date on **********. The Judge, **********granted that i remain in ADOC custody until court. On ********** HCJ left Montgomery Women’s Facility with me.

I was returned to MWF on ********** with bruises on my arms. My right arm so bad that it hurts to touch. My husband ********** has taken pictures for our records. I have also included dates and times of the things i had to endure at HCJ. The fear of going to lock-down was always with me.

The first time i had to go to HCJ when the court date was continued 10 days **********. I barely maintained my sanity. On *********, I was put in a docket cell that had to be at least 45 degrees, for two days without shoes, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap or shampoo, until they “processed” me, not allowed to shower and anytime i requested tissue to use the toilet i was threatened that i would be put in lock-down after i was booked in, if i “kept on”.

This trip to HCJ i was in the same conditions for 28 hours before i was “processed”. At 4am the docket officers pull the matts and blankets and i was left to sit on cold metal, freezing. At that time the temperature outside was around 34 degrees and when i asked Officer Scuggs why i was being punished by taking away my blanket and matt, i was told that it was the jails policy.

I left MWF wearing 2 pairs of socks, white shoes, a thermal top and bottoms, long sleeve shirt and a full sweat suit, 2 pairs of under wear and 2 bra’s. I was still freezing to the point of shivering and my finger nails were purple. State law says that married inmates are allowed to wear their wedding bands as long as there are no stones in them. I carried my marriage license and marriage certificate with me as proof and was told by Officer Fears that it didn’t matter “we don’t do that here”, They then took my wedding band off of me.

Both times i was given a piece of paper stating that ADOC inmates could and would be kept in the jail, in lock-down and only be returned to ADOC once completing any time handed out in any disciplinary punishment, seemingly at any Officers will. Therefor as i was in fear of going to lock-down and being held any longer that i ought to have been before being returned to ADOC, i did not persist in asking too many questions about how i was being treated or why i was being treated like it, or trying to follow the grievance procedure or even looking the wrong way at an Officer.

At no time was any cleaning supplies brought for me to clean my cell. No broom or mop. At one point, sometime during the night Officer Hughes brought wet wipes and told me to “wipe something” and a scrubbing brush was placed on the inside of the door. Later i was told that i was to scrub the walls. No gloves or cleaning supplies. The toilets have a film on the bottom of them in the cells. In the dayroom area, one person is given something to clean with, sometimes whilst everyone else is on lock-down. Several times i had to use the bathroom and there was blood and faeces in the only toilet that about 20 of us had to use.

There is no sense of time in there. The only way knew what time was, was to check the kiosk machine when we wasn’t locked down. They give out medication that makes people sleep, but to lay down on the floor or put your head on the table, means that you will go to lock-down. They give those medications between 4pm – 5pm and are not allowed to sleep until 10pm. The rules say there is a law library, but there is not.

On Thursdays it is Canteen day, the whole jail is locked down until 4pm. There is no way to get from one “pod” or dorm to another without an officer, so we are punished for exercising a privilege. Twice an Officer brought women from “O” pod to “N” pod for lockdown for being more than one person in the bathroom at a time without any disciplinary hearing or any kind of paperwork showing what the punishment was for. Some of the rules are vague to say the least and obscure and they can be used to send you to lock-down  for no reason whatsoever. I have to go back to HCJ and i know that they will retaliate against me, but i hope that by documenting these things, someone will be able to do something about it.

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