Testimony of inmate “W” Identity withheld in fear of retaliation

To whom it may concern. I have seen a lot of really bad things going on here at Houston Co. Jail. Starting in 2007 i had a hundred and fifty dollars going missing. I talk to Kim Turner, she said she could not find my money. There was know record of it being put into the machine.

Statement of inmate
Statement of inmate “W” identity withheld in fear of retaliation

She told me also women being shook down in the middle of the night, making the ladies get naked, squat down and spread bottom area and top area. Miss Hughes this is done every time she shakes down a cell also the officers are made to look and see if a woman is bleeding by making them go in to the restroom and show the female officer their bloody panties and wipe and show them the blood. I have also witnessed the Physicians Assistant Jason, smoke, make Shena (I don’t know her last name) but i watched and listen to her beg for pads because she was needing a hysterectomy  and Jason the P.A made the nurses put her pads in a plastic bag so he could make sure he looked at them to make sure she wasn’t giving them away. I’ve also seen the officers put women in lock down for getting extra pads because you only get 12 pads if you are indigent (have no money) they also charge the women that have no money $6.20 for 12 $1.00 dollar tree pads if you buy them on the store they are $2.70 for the same exact pads. I’ve seen them cut a females hair that was in a Federal Prison, that was told not to cut her hair because it would be changing her appearance. I’ve seen them lock the girls down with no toilet and when they couldn’t get out to go to the toilet, they used the bath room on the trays we all eat on, to urinate and defecate.

I’ve heard some officers cuss at inmates in docket, also when you are arrested and put in docket until you can make bond, you could be there for 2 or 3 days with no tissue at all also when you go to the back you are given a very small bottle of liquid soap to use for washing your body and hair for 2 weeks. They give you 1 roll of tissue to last for 2 to 3 weeks. When money is put on your books, they take $2.95 off the top if you had to get pads and have no money they take $6.20  off the top. You get 3 rolls of tissue, after that 2 weeks sometimes there is a mistake and you get no tissue. Women will use their wash cloth to wipe with.
We have had to bathe (shower) with cold water for up to a week, 2 or 3 times. Some of the girls would not shower at all because it was ice cold. Medical is a problem also. The P.A Jason doesn’t want to fill medication that is very needed. I need eye drops for Glaucoma and he won’t fill it. When we have money to order tissue it is $1.25 a roll and it is the same tissue you get 4 rolls for $1.50. One week we didn’t get our tissue at all when ordering. We had no choice but to use rags! Also there are a lot of males and females that have to take meds at 04:30 – 05:00. I am one of them. My meds make me very sleepy but if we lay down we are wrote up. There are a lot of men in lock down that are Schizophrenic and must take strong medications. They take meds like Thorazine 300 mgs and are expected to stay awake until 22:00 and are given the meds way too early 16:30 to 17:00. One lady had all her top teeth pulled out.

The P.A Jason gave her Ultrams and he took her off it in 4 days, it was horrible to see her suffer. Also the pod has not been cleaned all week now for the past couple of months, it is only cleaned once a week, the floors are dirty also the toilets and sinks. They do not sweep or mop or let us sweep or mop our cells or clean or toilets. They do not give us anything to clean with either (no discenfectant). I use an inhaler for my Asthma, Jason the P.A would not refill my inhaler because he said i was no wheezing. He had not listened to my breathing at all at this point for 2 weeks. I also want to add, i had 7 or 8 months of visitation taken. They were for minor things like sleeping with the blanket over my head. I did this because of the lights being on all night, in my eyes, i was also written up for hanging my towel horizontally instead of vertically. We have a lady here that has mental issues, she was put in lock down for pushing the button to talk to the officer to ask if she could go in the room to get her reading glasses. She did 21 days.

There are women that have been given years in lock down for contraband like paper and a plastic fork. There is one lady in lock down named Beck Smith. She came on her cycle, her panties were coloured. After she went to lock down they (the officers) saw her coloured panties. They told her to give them her panties, she refused because she was on her cycle. They threatened to taze her, they added time to her lock down and took her panties anyway. They don’t provide whites (t-shirts, panties , bras) like most County’s do and won’t allow your family to buy it! When you go to jail in Houston County, they expect you to pay $5.00 for a cheap t-shirt, $2.50 for 1 pair of panties, $15.00 for 1 sports bra and you got to buy your tissue, under arm deodorant. $5.00 for 1 Men’s Dove underarm deodorant. Everything is very high. Most people can’t buy it. Dove soap $3.50 for 1 bar.

We are not allowed to wear our tennis shoes. We wear plastic shower shoes, they cause a lot of falls. One lady needed to be able to wear her shoes because one of her legs was longer than the other. She fell and broke her leg, it took 4 days for them to send her to the Doctor. They gave her Ultrims. One lady was cleaning, she fell and broke her arm and have to have surgery and be hospitalised. The shoes slid very easily on the floor especially on water. Talk about the toilets. Each room has a toilet that can only be flushed twice an hour. If you flush it before the 6 minutes is up after a flush then you will have to smell the toilet for an hour before it will flush again. They put you in the day room with 1 toilet with up to 20 women to use 1 toilet, with it not flushing for an hour because the one toilet we all share has been flushed before the 6 minutes is up.

It is often full of faeces and blood. This causes a lot of problems with the women, it causes fusses everyday. The jail has rules we must go by, but each officer has their own rules they go by, like N Dorm has 2 showers but you are only allowed to shower 1 at a time. As i was getting out, someone was getting in. She was put back in lock down for this. One lady was put in lock down after her blood pressure went so high and they had to take her to the hospital. She came in at 03:00, disoriented, the officer Miss Vanreil put her in lock down when she asked for medication. She got her for manipulating an officer. The women in O Dorm have to sit up on the beds during the 2 hour roll-in each day. You can’t lay down. It is the same if they are on lock down. For 2 or more women fussing, I’ve seen 40 women sit up 14 hours a day, for a month.

Copied verbatim by admin.

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