Testimony Of Inmate “X” – Name Withheld In Fear Of Retaliation

Things that have occurred while incarcerated in Houston County Jail

  1. When you arrived to intake department, I was in intake 3 days with no shower. Two other girls in the cell with me. The toilet only flushes twice an hour. At breakfast they “the guards” take our mats. The only thing to sit on is a metal bunk and
    Testimony of inmate
    Testimony of inmate “X” Identity protected in fear of retaliation

    the concrete floor. On the third day after no toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, you get taken to a room and sprayed down after you strip naked, you get sprayed with a louse spray they say. After that you get handed a 2oz bottle of shampoo, 2 envelopes, toothbrush & four sheets of paper, then i was charged $2.95 for that pack. A small cup and a copy of the rules that cost $5.00 if you don’t turn them in when you leave. I did not receive a cup or the rules. Your also given one roll of toilet paper that is suppose to last you 2 weeks. If you have money on your books your required to purchase your own paper and pads. They do not provide toilet paper or pads weekly only toilet paper every 2 weeks to indigent. You can only get pads by showing the officer your bloody panties.

  2. The toilets only flush every six minutes. If you flush more than twice during those six minutes you have to wait one hour to flush the toilet again. We have 15 girls in a dorm all day using one toilet. There is constant faeces, blood and urine in this toilet. It is very cold in the dorm with 4 metal tables, 4 round stools. Also we are required to sit up all day and sit at either around metal stool or on the concrete floor. The T.V volume is just to where you can’t hear it and is just far away to where you can’t see it, up at the ceiling. The channels are places on Cartoon Network, Food Network and T.V land.
  3. If your written up 10 times you get put in Lock-Down without a hearing. For days you can sit with no real reason to why your there.
  4. We have sleep deprivation. At 10:00pm is lights out. When you sleep you get woke up approximately every two hours. Mail, uniform, washing, sheets. One wet wipe to wash your cell that you in turn have to return to the officer or you will get sent to lock-down. Breakfast is 5:00am. Med call is 7:00am. Our sleep is very broken up.
  5. Our phone calls get clicks from them listening to our calls, and interrupted and dropped calls with no refunds available.

Statement copied verbatim, by admin.

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